Yo-yo dieting might actually be good for people, expert says

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Antibiotics could replace surgery as appendicitis treatment

Researchers have revealed that it is possible to treat appendicitis in both adults and children with antibiotics in lieu of traditional surgery. The use of antibiotics to cure the... More

Just 30 minutes of walking can benefit cancer patients

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Excess weight during early 20 years triples risk of stomach cancer

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Combination of drugs may help kill brain cancer: study

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Sleep-deprived brain can’t form memories

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Exercise, proper diet may reduce effects of malaria

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New miracle pill can cure high blood pressure

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Cardiac disorders increase in winter

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Severely obese people more likely to die at home

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Almonds, pistachios to protect against colon cancer: Study

Munching on nuts — such as almonds and pistachios — may not only protect you from heart diseases... More

Study finds less cancer-causing toxins in users of e-cigarettes

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World Cancer Day being observed

World Cancer Day is being observed in the country as elsewhere across the globe with three-year theme (2016-18)... More

UK cancer rates to rise faster among women than men: charity

LONDON: Cancer rates in Britain will rise six times faster among women than men within the next two... More

Acupuncture can help reduce chronic pain, depression

Researchers at the University of York in Britain have found that acupuncture treatment can boost the effectiveness of... More

First ever girl with ‘tree girl’ syndrome a Bangladeshi

A young Bangladeshi girl with bark-like warts growing on her face could be the first female ever afflicted... More

Artificial kidneys nearly set to end transplantation crisis: expert

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Mushrooms could prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, suggests study

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Sound sleep is important for well-being of immune system

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Brazil orders 11.5 million yellow fever vaccines

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Lithium better at treating bipolar disorder, study reveals

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How to know if dairy is causing your bloating

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Cannabis still harmful to health: report

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6 medicinal ginger health benefits

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China confirms one more H7N9 bird flu death

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Cancer spread cut by three-quarters in tests

The deadly spread of cancer around the body has been cut by three-quarters in animal experiments, say scientists.... More