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Lesser-known health benefits of cauliflower
Wednesday, 7 December 2016
Lesser-known health benefits of cauliflower

Who doesn’t like to eat cauliflower? Everyone likes to eat this vegetable except for few.

Many of us might not be aware that cauliflower is not tasty but also promotes numerous health benefits as it contains a good proportion of sulphur compound in it. It is also known to support the liver’s ability to neutralize toxins.

Here are some health benefits of cauliflower which we all should know:

Lowers cholesterol

Cauliflower contains a rich amount of fiber in it that helps lower and keep our cholesterol levels in check.

Helps lose weight

If you want to lose weight, then start eating cauliflower as it contains vitamin C and folates that helps to shed off those extra kilos.

Strengthen bone and teeth

Being a rich source of calcium, cauliflower helps make our bones and teeth strong.
Fights cancer

This veggie helps in preventing the deadly disease cancer, as it contains sulforaphane – a sulfur compound kills cancer stem cells by slowing tumor growth.

Good for heart

Cauliflower is considered good for heart as it contains sulforaphane that helps in maintaining the cardiovascular system.

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